Cooking on the Enterprise

My oven is from 1966. That is what the repairman said when he came to fix my one and only large burner, the same year the Starship Enterprise was born (a picture of which happens to be hanging in my living room). Other than its appearance, it seems to do okay. But maybe I’ve just gotten used to the quirks. When you turn the oven on, the back right burner seems to heat up right along with it (a scary realization that has deterred me from using it). The big burner simmers at 5, or what should be medium, or way too damn hot on most other cooking surfaces. All in all I’ve made do with the trusty Enterprise. We have made some fabulous meals together; along with some not so fabulous.


This past Saturday was my marathon of cooking. I started the race off with egg muffins, a lovely recipe I found on Pinterest. Lacking frozen or refrigerated hash browns, I made some from scratch with my box grater, 4 russet potatoes, S&P, paprika, and olive oil. Yum. Could have just eaten hash browns. By the time I finished these egg muffins, it was too late for lunch so I moved onto dinner – sweet and sour chicken. Another recipe from pinterest, I have made this one before but lacking soy sauce I substituted worcestershire sauce. After dinner I made a cheesecake. I won’t divulge this recipe, as it is a family gem, but I did whip up some great toppings – whipped cream and a strawberry reduction. I made this Saturday night, it is now Monday afternoon and the cheesecake no longer exists. Finally! I made a pizza. The dough I made the day before, Bobby Flay’s with unbleached all-purpose flour instead of bread flour. I drizzled some olive oil, spread garlic, fresh parsley, dried basil and oregano, shredded mozzarella, and a sliced roma tomato.

Needless to say it was a lot of food and a lot of dishes.

Today I made my oatmeal raisin (chocolate chip) cookies. This is a recipe that I have doctored over time after reading a bunch of recipes and trying them all out on my friends.



These cookies are so yummy! I made a double batch to share. I’m mailing a quarter of them to my grandparents out in California, half are going to NoVA, and the rest are staying here with me. 🙂